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A New Kind of MMO-RPG Is Coming soon!

Mercenary of Destiny (MOD) is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). It means it is a role playing game where you can play with a lot of online players at the same time and in the same world. In MOD, you personify a mercenary offering his services to two separate kingdoms. You can complete quests to earn rewards, that's what will make you progress through the game. As a party with your friends, you can enter in battles against other players (PvP) or you can fight against non-player character (PvE) to get experience and rewards. Theses fights will allow you to level up according to the experience gained. It's also possible to complete achievements based on multiple criterias.

The main story of the game is about you, a mercenary. You were born in Hydromed, a small town located at the border of the known world. That's the most peaceful place that can be found around and it is the last town that did not fall under the control of a king.

Among the kings of this world, there is Klegor, a cruel rich man who rules the kingdom of Phanaknor aiming to satisfy his own ego. His arch enemy, Pentagruel, a former hero of war, is claiming the throne of Fagrael kingdom. Klegor lost his beloved and always thought that Pentagruel's men abducted her. Since these events, Phanaknor declared war to Fagreal.

Beside that conflict, Ashaltic kingdom controlled by strange and obscure creatures is actively involved in the strife for a good reason. Taking control of the phragmite mines in the west part of the island could assure them prosperity for centuries.

Here is where you take your place in that story. You are part a family where everybody since generations had been a mercenary. You were just about to begin following the path of your ancestors when the conflict started between Phanaknor and Fagrael. Now, you must leave your untroubled town to explore territories where an endless war is raging. Kings are willing to give to you enough gold to make you rich if you succeed to accomplish what they expect from you.

Here is a video that shows the gameplay:

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